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Can my son/daughter bring his/her mobile phone to Loch an Iúir?
Apr. 11, 2010
Mobile phones are permitted in Loch an Iúir.

Please ensure that your mobile phone has the International Call Roaming Bar removed before travelling to Loch an Iúir.

As ‘Top Up Cards/Vouchers’ for phones purchased at home cannot always be bought or ‘activated’ in Loch an Iúir, it is advisable to buy as much ‘credit’ as required before travelling.

Mobile phones are not permitted in the College or during classes. They should be turned off and confined to break times.

The use of mobile phones in student accommodation is at the discretion of the bean an tí (lady of the house).

Students are asked to follow the guidelines on use of mobile phones that bean an tí will discuss with them on their first night.

Students are not permitted to take photograph's in the bedrooms or in the privacy of the house for child protection reasons

Do college staff check houses at the end of evening activities?
Apr. 11, 2010 by Rúnaí
A member of college staff will check each house approx. 30 minutes after An Príomhoide (Principal teacher) has dismissed the students.

Students MUST remain in their respective houses each night.

Do you accept debit or credit card payments?
Apr. 11, 2010
Unfortunately we are unable to accept credit or debit card payments.

We plan to introduce this facility in the near future.

At present, we are only able to accept cheque/cash payment.

Cheques should be made payable to 'Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir', with your child's name, school and course marked clearly on the back of the cheque.

Does Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir offer scholarships or bursaries to students attending their courses?
Apr. 11, 2010
Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir is a non-profit making organisation and we aim to keep our course fees at a reasonable cost each year.

All fees are used to provide accommodation, tuition, insurance, activities, and entertainment for your child during his/her stay with us. Any profit remaining after all costs have been met is used to maintain the upkeep of our buildings and grounds.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any scholarships or bursaries to students attending our courses.

We do, however, accept scholarships awarded by various organisations and groups.

Parents/Guardians who are interested in obtaining further information regarding scholarships, awards or bursaries should contact:

• Comhaltas Uladh (the northern branch of Conradh an Gaeilge, the Gaelic League). Comhaltas Uladh award scholarships to most of the northern Gaeltacht colleges every year under various competitions (e.g. Sciath an Athar Uí Mhuirí - the Father Murray Shield, Sciath Mhic Giolla Bhríde - the Ashbourne Shield, Corn Uí Bhiataigh etc). You can find more information about Comhaltas Uladh here.

• Your local GAA club. Many GAA clubs award scholarships or bursaries to the Gaeltacht. If you are a member of a GAA club you should contact the Irish Language Officer of your club.

• Local Feiseanna. There are many feiseanna (e.g. Feis an Dúin, Feis Ard Mhacha, Feis Dhún Geanainn etc) held throughout Ulster every year. You should contact your local organiser, or through your child’s school to enquire of a feis that may be happening near you.

• Your local council. Some local councils make awards and bursaries available to students attending a recognised Gaeltacht course. You should contact the Irish Language officer in your local council for more information.

Students who require documentary evidence (i.e. a letter or a certificate) stating that they have attended a course at Coláiste Mhuire are asked to request this from An Príomhoide (Principal teacher) in Loch an Iúir before the end of their stay.

How do I contact my son/daughter during their stay in Loch an Iúir?
Apr. 11, 2010
The College address for posting letters is:

[Name of Student]

Please ensure that you have put your child’s name on the envelope before posting.

To avoid delaying post to County Donegal please use a European stamp (approx 50p – Letter ‘E’ is on the stamp instead of a price). Ordinary first-class and second-class stamps are no longer sufficient for posting letters to Loch an Iúir.

There is no postal delivery on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.

Please do not send important items of postage towards the end of the courses, as invariably they will not reach the intended recipients before they leave Loch an Iúir to return home.

• Telephone calls for students will only be accepted after 2:30 p.m.

• The telephone number for the Headmaster’s Office is (00 353) 7495 48236. Calls for students will NOT be accepted on this number.

We are happy to pass on emails to students currently attending a course at Loch an Iúir. Please ensure your child's name is clearly referenced in the subject line.

Emails should be sent to oifig@colaistemhuire.net

How do I travel to Loch an Iúir?
Apr. 11, 2010
Treoracha go Loch an Iúir / Directions to Loch an Iúir

We now have the Google Maps application on our website www.colaistemhuire.net. It is available on the 'Contact Us' page. This application will direct you to Loch an Iúir using your mobile device's GPS. Alternatively you can use the directions below.

ó Bhéal Feirste / from Belfast

Travel to Derry – to Letterkenny – to Kilmacrennan – Termon – take N56 to Glenveagh National Park – Dunlewy – Crolly (look out for the pub ‘Teach Pháidí Óig’). Loch an Iúir is about 4km from Crolly.

ó Iúr Cinn Trá/Ard Mhacha/Dún Geanainn/An Ómaigh / from Newry/Armagh/Dungannon/Omagh

Travel to Omagh – to Strabane – to Lifford - to Letterkenny – to Kilmacrennan – Termon – take N56 to Glenveagh National Park – Dunlewy – Crolly (look out for the pub ‘Teach Pháidí Óig’). Loch an Iúir is about 4km from Crolly.

Accommodation is available locally in Loch an Iúir. Towns near to Loch an Iúir include Gaoth Dobhair (Gweedore) and An Clochán Liath (Dungloe).

How much luggage/baggage can my son/daughter bring to Loch an Iúir?
Apr. 11, 2010
Students are asked not to bring excessive baggage to Loch an Iúir, as space will be limited on College buses and in bedrooms.

It is strongly recommended that students bring one suitcase and one small bag, which can be carried.

How much pocket money should my son/daughter bring to Loch an Iúir?
Apr. 11, 2010
There is only one shop / café in Loch an Iúir, so please do not bring large amounts of money to the Gaeltacht. This can cause problems (e.g. theft and loss of money).

It is recommended that on the two week course no more than €150 should be brought and €200 on the three week courses.

A bank for students’ pocket money will be available in the college every day. This is the only safe way to manage your money. The College cannot be held responsible for monies lost or stolen. All students are asked to deposit their money in the College Bank on the first morning of the course. (On Course A, students will have the opportunity to deposit their money on the first evening of their arrival, when they meet with their teachers).

In the interests of security it would be preferable if pocket money is taken to Loch an Iúir in the form of a cheque. This will be exchanged into Euro by the College Bank.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir’. Please write your child’s name and school on the back of the cheque.

How will I know if a place becomes available on the waiting list?
Apr. 11, 2010
We will contact you, in order of priority on the waiting list, and offer you a place. Unfortunately it is impossible to indicate how successful your chances may be as places on courses are fluid right up until the beginning of the course.

If we offer you a place, you will be expected to forward the full cost of the course fees as soon as possible, to secure your place. You will not be required to submit a new application, as we will already hold this on file.

I have been awarded a scholarship from Comhaltas Uladh / Feis an Dúin / my local GAA club / at a local feis, but I have already paid all of my fees. Am I entitled to a refund?
Apr. 11, 2010
We will consider an application for refund of fees on receipt of the following:
• An authentic scholarship certificate issued by an awarding body affiliated to Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir.

Applications for refunds are processed at the end of the summer courses (end of August). We aim to refund all fees by the second week in September.

Due to the volume of applications we are unable to ‘fast track’ applications for refunds.

We will not exchange scholarship certificates for pocket money for a student at Coláiste Mhuire.

I have been awarded a scholarship from Comhaltas Uladh / Feis an Dúin / my local GAA club / at a local feis. What should I do now?
Apr. 11, 2010
Congratulations on being awarded a scholarship to the Gaeltacht.

Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir is happy to accept scholarship certificates as part or full payment of fees towards a student’s place on Summer courses.

The scholarship certificate is an official document which is used by Coláiste Mhuire to seek repayment from the awarding body on your behalf.

It is essential that the scholarship certificate (which can vary from a little yellow ‘chit’ when awarded by Comhaltas Uladh, or a green card, when awarded by Feis an Dúin) is forwarded immediately upon receipt to An Rúnaí. You are advised to retain a photocopy of this in case of loss.

An Rúnaí will accept your scholarship certificate for the value awarded in lieu of part or full payment of course fees.

Scholarship certificates should never be brought to Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir.

We will not exchange scholarship certificates for pocket money.

I have been telephoning your office and I haven't had a reply yet? Can you help me?
Apr. 11, 2010
We are recommending that email is used, where practicable, to inform Gerard Mc Keown (email: runai@colaistemhuire.net) of any important issues or information regarding your child. This is currently the most efficient way of contacting us.

We hope the information contained in this FAQ will answer many of the questions which we are continuously asked.

I have more than one child attending a course at Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir this year. Am I entitled to a reduction in fees?
Apr. 11, 2010
Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir offers a reduction of £40 per student per course from the same family attending courses in the same year. This reduction only applies to brothers and sisters, and not to extended family members (e.g. cousins).

This reduction will be paid retrospectively if the following conditions have been met:

• Total fees for all students have been paid before the beginning of the courses
• All family members attended a full course

I have outstanding fees to be paid. What should I do?
Apr. 11, 2010
All remaining fees should be sent immediately to An Rúnaí:

Gerard McKeown: (Address on Current Brochure)

Please make sure your child’s name, school and course is printed on the back of the cheque, which should be made payable to COLÁISTE MHUIRE LOCH AN IÚIR.

Students who have won scholarships should NOT bring their scholarship certificates with them to Loch an Iúir.

All scholarship certificates should be forwarded immediately to Gerard McKeown at the address above. Scholarship certificates will not be exchanged for pocket money, and must be redeemed before the beginning of the course.

I wish to withdraw from a course. Am I entitled to my money back?
Apr. 11, 2010
If you wish to withdraw from a course, please contact Gerard McKeown immediately (email: runai@colaistemhuire.net) 0r telephone 07490 133 578

The initial £100 stg deposit which you submitted with your application is non-refundable. There are no exceptions to this.

If you have paid part, or all of the remainder of your fees, then we will consider a refund.
Parents are are asked, in the first instance, to contact Mr Gerard McKeown (rúnaí@colaistemhuire.net or 07490 133 578) detailing the reasons for withdrawal, and applying for a refund of the remainder of your fees.

The college committee will adjudicate on whether it is appropriate to pay all or part of your fees back to you. This will depend on how close it is to the beginning of a course, and the likelihood of getting another student, at short notice, to take your place.

The decision of the college committee is final in this regard.

Appeals against this decision can be made, in writing, to An Cisteoir (College Treasurer).

Páraic Ó Máirtín (College Treasurer)
Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir
Gort na Darach
1 Oakview
Killymeal Road

Please ensure that you have contacted Gerard McKeown in the first instance informing him of your withdrawal from the course.

Is my son/daughter expected to speak Irish at all times?
Apr. 11, 2010
Loch an Iúir is an Irish-speaking community in North-west Donegal.

The cardinal rule of the college is that all students must speak Irish to the best of their ability at all times. English will not be tolerated.

The staff of teachers, ceannairí (young leaders) and people of the houses will be more than willing to help anyone who is unsure or requires help with their Irish.

It is only through constant use and practice that the students will derive the full benefit of the Gaeltacht experience.

Is my son/daughter permitted to swim or bathe at Loch an Iúir?
Apr. 11, 2010
Students are NOT permitted to go swimming, bathe or visit the lakes/pools that surround Loch an Iúir, without the express permission of the College Principal and only when accompanied by staff members.

The water around Loch an Iúir is extremely dangerous and only organised visits will be permitted.

My son/daughter requested transport by coach to and from Coláiste Mhuire. Should I forward payment for this service to An Rúnaí?
Apr. 11, 2010 by Rúnaí
Payment for coach transport to and from Coláiste Mhuire should be made on the day of travel to Loch an Iúir. A ceannaire (young leader) will be present on the journey and will collect payment at the beginning of the journey.

Please do not send payment by post.

Payment should be made by cheque, made payable to ‘Coláiste Mhuire Loch an Iúir’. Please ensure you have written your son’s/daughter’s name and school on the back of the cheque.

My son/daughter will attend Coláiste Mhuire this summer. Can you advise when we will receive information about the course and transport arrangements?
Apr. 11, 2010
Students attending all three summer courses should receive information and transport details via email in early June. Information will also be posted to the 'Parent/Student Hub' section of the website at www.colaistemhuire.net

Should my son/daughter bring specialised equipment with him/her to Loch an Iúir?
Apr. 11, 2010
Students are encouraged to bring to Loch an Iúir any musical instruments that you may be able to play (particularly tin-whistles, flutes, fiddles, guitars, etc).

These instruments can be left in the college office for safe keeping during the course.

Outdoor equipment and sportswear can also be brought to Loch an Iúir if necessary (football boots, etc), although for Health and Safety reasons students are not permitted to bring camáin (hurley sticks) to Loch an Iúir.

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